Consumers today are engulfed in a culture of instant gratification with instant results and businesses have no choice but to adapt to changing consumer patterns. Electro Body Center has done a commendable job in keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in the fitness industry. The brand provides fitness solutions that find their roots in Electro Muscle Stimulation for a revitalizing fitness experience with quick results.

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Founded in: 2015
Established centers: Over 150
Product portfolio: High Performance EMS system
Customer support: Over 9 training programs, effective training systems, professional technical assistance


Electro Body Center’s fitness equipment is designed to perfection and is the right combination of technology and ease of use. The core principal of their fitness regime lies in Electro Muscle Stimulation, a modern approach towards weight loss, muscle relaxation and combatting cellulite. The use of the electro outfit enables all muscles to  tone at once by activating thousands of stimuli, allowing you to lose up to 3000kcal in a single session.


The novelty of our fitness equipment, clubbed with the high potential for achieving desired results, makes our equipment a coveted asset in gyms, studios and fitness facilities across the globe. Our low-investment maximum profitabilty model, is a lucrative factor that attracts gym owners and trainers across the world to invest in our equipment, to create unique experiences for fitness enthusiasts


Electro Body Center Offer impressive after-sale support to help you make the most out of your equipment. Whether it is training programs conducted by Proficient trainers specialized in electro fitness or technical assistance to help you set up and maintain your equipment, Electro Body Center provides quality assistance at every step.

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