Al Yousuf Sports Equipment is proud to be an authorized distributor Hydrorider, a brand with a wide range of products that focus on quality and reliability and a brand where fitness meets fun. Hydrorider is a pioneer in the aquafitness industry and has set the benchmark for other brands that offer similar products. Hydrorider’s one-of-a-kind aquabikes are one of the most selling fitness equipment and ideal for fitness and wellness training, rehabilitation and weight loss.

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Founded in: 2000
Established in: 32 countries
Product portfolio: Aquafitness equipment, accessories and spare parts, apparel
Customer support: Training programs Workshops, Transport assistance, Spare part replacement


Hydrorider manufacture a wide array of aquafitness equipment to cater to the diverse requirements of fitness professionals and enthusiasts. Their professional line consists of top-notch aquafitness treadmills and bikes, whereas their easy line that consists of similar products is more suited to those who look at fitness as a hobby.


In addition, Hydrorider also supplies spare parts and manufactures fitness apparel, to provide complete and wholesome fitness solutions. Click on ‘learn more’ to access the complete range of Hydrorider equipment.


Hydrorider’s equipment has been used successfully with proven results in the healthcare fitness and rehabilitation industry and has also been a great tool in enhancing results of water therapy and weight loss. Gyms, healthclubs and other fitness facilities looking to provide their guests with a renewed workout experience, have also opted in to use Hydrorider machines.


In an attempt to provide exceptional support services to clients, Hydrorider has devised numerous training methodologies to help users to understand their equipment better and utilize Hydrorider equipment to full potential. Hydrorider offers detailed training sessions and workshops that focus solely on familiarizing oneself with the equipment. The brand also offers personalized training support to help fitness centers assimilate Hydrorider equipment into their fitness facilites seamlessly.

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