Al Yousuf Sports Equipment is proud to be an authorized distributor of Idiag, a brand that opens up novel and effective diagnostics and therapeutic possibilities. Idiag develops products that focus on health, performance and quality of life. In cooperation with leading tertiary institutions, Idiag develops products that are geared towards maintaining and improving the users’ quality of life – without exception.

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Founded in: 1993
Established in: unknown
Product portfolio: Respiratory trainer, spine analysis
Customer support: Diagnostics, Therapy monitoring, Prevention


Idiag aims to convert innovative ideas on medical technology into products ready to market. Precise, radiation-free back scan help identify abnormalities via substantiated determination of back geometry, stability and mobility. One such Idiag device, Spirotiger, aids in improving respiratory function and uses targeted breathing training to increased performance. The equipment is used by Olympic athletes.


Al Yousuf Sports Equipment recognizes the need to help people improve their respiratory and spinal function. Our collaboration with IDIAG, helps us create a market for the much needed products in UAE, that monitor respiratory and spinal functions and provide treatment to boost athletic performance.

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