Al Yousuf Sports Equipment’s association with Jacobs Ladder has helped in identifying a market for those looking to up their cardio game and take it to the next level. In addition to continuously striving for innovation in their products, Jacobs Ladder’s combination of high intensity, low impact cardio equipment allows fitness enthusiasts to enjoy their experience without feeling the stress of it.

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Founded in: 2004
Established in: Over 50 countries
Product portfolio: Jacobs Ladder, Jacobs Ladder 2, The Stairway
Customer support: Product manuals, Customer service helpline , Product information assistance


Jacobs Ladder has an exciting range of cardio equipment that replicate a climbing motion, while eliminating the risks associated with climbing. Both the Jacobs Ladder and Jacobs Ladder 2 provide effective workouts to the arms and legs, while reducing pressure on the hip, knee and lower back. The Stairway, another unique product in the Jacobs Ladder product portfolio also makes for an engaging and unique workout experience like none other.


The high intensity, low impact workout regime that Jacobs Ladder equipment is known to provide, makes them the most sought after fitness equipment company across military, fire departments and police departments across borders. Gyms and fitness facilities  across the world are also providing their members with a refreshing fitness experience that is fun and challenging at the same time. Individuals who are looking for intense training experiences also stand to benefit a great deal from Jacobs Ladder fitness equipment.

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