Al Yousuf Sports Equipment has forged a powerful partnership with Keiser, to take fitness performance to the next level. Keiser is a pioneer in group fitness and has set unmatchable standards to revolutionize the domain of group fitness. Keiser currently supplies fitness training equipment to over 85% of US sports teams, establishing their dominance in the professional fitness industry. Keiser’s fitness solutions find their roots in science and technology, with a vast product diversification spanning over strength, cardio and functional training fitness equipment, for an ultimate fitness equipment.

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Founded in: 1976
Established in: 32 countries
Product portfolio: Strength, Cardio, Functional training
Customer support: Training programs, Educational courses, Certification courses, Maintenance support


Every inch of Keiser’s fitness equipment is manufactured with cutting-edge technology to ensure optimum results. Whether it is strength, cardio or functional training fitness equipment, Keiser’s patented technology provides an unforgettable workout experience for the first-time gym goers as well as the professionals. Keiser’s total body trainers, performance trainers, power racks and other fitness equipment meet exceptional standards.


Keiser’s equipment has found a place in fitness facilities all across the globe. While gyms and fitness studios may seem to be obvious candidates for Keiser’s equipment, the brand’s heavy reliance on science and technology makes Keiser the most trusted fitness equipment partner in the healthcare industry as well. Keiser’s equipment is also the preferred choice for sports training as their machines are designed to help athletes achieve desired results. Keiser’s inclination to provide diverse fitness solutions with minimum maintenance costs, has led to the widespread popularity of the brand in the hospitality segment as well.


Keiser believes that a customer journey does not stop with the mere sale of fitness equipment. In order to help fitness trainers and enthusiasts make the most of their Keiser equipment, the brand organizes numerous certification courses and training sessions, to help individuals understand Keiser equipment better. Whether you need help with registering equipment warranty or if you are simply looking for replacement parts for your Keiser equipment, the brand is more than willing to provide quality assistance.

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