Al Yousuf Sports Equipment is proud to be an authorized distributor of Physiolab, a brand with a range of products that help reduce swelling, pain and inflammation from injuries sustained. Physiolab products also assist in reducing symptoms of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) when used post-activity, making room for faster recovery.

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Founded in: 2007
Established in: unknown
Product portfolio: Therapy packs, Portable temperature compression
Benefits: Pain management, Fast recovery from inflammation and injuries, Aid to arthritis and sciatica


Physiolab manufactures a variety of cost effective Therapy Packs and Therapy Pack bundles enabling limb, back and ankle injuries to be treated simultaneously.

Physiolab’s temperature control machines provide recovery feedback that guides with the amount of cooling, warming and compression that should be delivered during rehabilitation. Physiolab has rental options as well, making it convenient for potential buyers to test out the equipment, before making an investment. 


Physiolab equipment has been used successfully with proven results in the healthcare and rehabilitation industry. Physiolab has helped strengthen the initiative of bringing quality fitness equipment to everyone who is serious about sports and fitness and for those looking to recover from a sports injury in the right manner.

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