Rope training is a fun way to get that total body workout you’ve been craving for and Al Yousuf Sports Equipment’s association with Ropeflex will help you get just that! Ropeflex products are designed and manufactured by HIPEQ (High Performance Equipment). The company was founded on principles such as Innovative Design, Personal Integrity, Precision Engineering, Superior Quality and Value.

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Founded in: 2008
Established in: unknown
Product portfolio: Low impact, great for HIIT and crossfit
Customer support: Great warranty, repair services, exchange, return defective products


Ropeflex is commited to building superior quality innovative fitness equipment. Ropeflex is also fixated on adressing the needs of everyone by the use of sophisticated modeling techniques, leading  computer aided design methods and building prototypes in a steady improvement cycle. Ropeflex offers a wide range of Rope equipment that can be used to increase strength and performance. 


Ropeflex equipment has been used successfully in all premium fitness centres, healthclubs and fitness studios across the globe. They are low impact and are used as a HIIT (high intensity interval training), bootcamp and crossfit tool. Their equipment ropes are fun to use and are a great way to include variety in gym routines along with some intensity. Ropeflex equipment is also a great competitive tool to include in group training sessions.

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