Al Yousuf Sports Equipment is a leading distributor of fitness equipment with over 60 years of market experience. Our organization has an impressive network of global fitness equipment manufacturers and is well-established as the most trusted fitness equipment distributor in the UAE. Al Yousuf is committed to the cause of bringing the best of fitness equipment to UAE and has built strong partnerships with some of the best names in the fitness equipment Industry like Precor, Keiser, Hydrorider, Physiolab, Ropeflex, Electro Body Center and Idiag. Our constant quest for technological soundness and end-user satisfaction makes us the unrivalled leaders in fitness equipment distribution across the UAE.

Bringing Precor to the UAE:

We at Al Yousuf Sports Equipment are driven by our passion for providing quality fitness equipment that is powered by innovation. It is with great pleasure we bring news of our most recent partnership with Precor, a leading manufacturer of fitness equipment, recognized on a global level.

Both Al Yousuf Sports Equipment and Precor are fuelled by a mutual drive to provide personalized fitness solutions and a wide range of fitness equipment. With Al Yousuf’s unparalleled market knowledge and Precor’s proven expertise, we are truly set to transform the fitness industry in the UAE, in addition to creating unique fitness experiences.

Come visit us at our newly opened Precor Showroom for a glimpse of the latest Precor equipment and a true understanding of Precor’s ‘Fitness made personal’ experience.

Our vision:

To become a leading and trusted distributor of fitness equipment in the UAE, while upholding our unending commitment to providing reliable and innovative fitness solutions.

Mission statement: 

To provide innovative fitness solutions of uncompromising quality and meet the fitness requirements of the community.

To establish long-term partnerships with global fitness equipment manufacturers who share our passion for creating unique fitness experiences.



Al Yousuf Group was founded 66 years ago by my respectful father Mr. Yousuf Habib Hassan Al Yousuf who had a vision that we will grow up to be the top in our business. Al Yousuf started its business with the successful sale of shipment of rice imported from India and we have grown to a multi-million dirham conglomerate. Our passion of achieving the vision of Mr. Yousuf Habib Al Yousuf inspired us to explore different markets with no fear of challenge. Our confidence in our values empowered our passion and we were able to maintain and gain international brands to be in the UAE market.


Growing up in a business-oriented environment, A strong desire to contribute to his family’s legacy was the driving force that put Mr Ahmed Al Yousuf at the helm of Al Yousuf Group operations as its CEO, over 15 years ago. Looking back on his journey, Mr Ahmed believes that it was the opportunity to lead the company that drove him to transform the company’s dream of expanding into multiple sectors into reality.



Faez Abdulahad, Division Head at Al Yousuf Sports Equipment, joined the team in July 2008, with the sole objective of boosting company growth and establishing a strong partnership network with leading fitness equipment manufacturers.


With over 11 years of experience in the fitness equipment industry, Faez’s remarkable zest for fitness has also been instrumental in securing affiliations with some of the largest fitness equipment manufacturers and in creating a local market for these brands within the UAE.


Under Faez’s able leadership, Al Yousuf Sports Equipment extended their services to the UAE military, which was a historic moment for the team. The company also secured exclusive distribution rights to Precor, a leading fitness equipment manufacturer. Brands like Physiolab, Jacobsladder, Ropeflex and Keiser were also successfully added to the company’s portfolio, as a result of Faez’s endeavours.


In order to acknowledge Faez’s contributions, Cybex, another leading fitness equipment manufacturer, presented him with a business development award in 2015. He was also the recipient of the ‘Top Distributor award’ from Keiser in 2017.


A citizen of Iraq by nationality, Faez holds a Bachelor of Mathematics Science degree from Baghdad, Iraq, from the University of Baghdad University. During his time away from work, Faez enjoys playing football with his two boys and spending time with his family.


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