Precor is the leading manufacturer of world-class fitness equipment, with a vast product portfolio and an indomitable will to provide personalized fitness solutions. Precor specializes in creating fitness equipment for cardio, strength and resistance training and HIIT workouts. The brand is also associated with Queenax Functional Fitness and Spinning bikes to break the monotony and provide exercisers with an engaging fitness experience.


While Precor equipment has a strong presence in  fitness centers across the globe, it also has a strong footing in health clubs, residential, commercial and corporate settings. The brand’s vast penetration bears testament to its proven expertise in the fitness equipment industry.


Precor provides personalized health and fitness experiences that help people live
the lives they desire.


People choose us because of the exceptional standards we deliver in terms of:

(1) Quality

(2) Our People/Service

(3) Experience Design

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Founded in: 1980
Established in: Over 80 countries
Product portfolio: Cardio, strength and resistance, group training, HIIT, Queenax, Spinning
Customer support: Facility space planner, Financing options, Precor mastercoach training, Service certification training
About Precor: Subsidiary of Amer Sports, a $2.7 billion global sports equipment company comprised of internationally recognised brands Salomon, Wilson, Arc’teryx & Suunto.
Precor Achievements: - Invented the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer in 1995 - Installed Networked Fitness in over 8,300 facilities

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Networked Fitness

Spinning® Indoor Cycles


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The only factor that separates a good gym from a great gym, is the quality of fitness equipment. Whether you are already running a fitness facility or are considering setting up a fitness studio for the first time, Precor fitness equipment is sure to give you that extra edge you are looking for over your competitors. Whether you are looking to set up a full-fledged gym from scratch or just interested in revamping your gym with new fitness equipment, Precor is here to help. Our fitness equipment range from strength and cardio to group fitness and HIIT and are sure to leave your gym members longing to come back for more.

Gym, Studios & Health Clubs


With the number of people opting for healthier and fitter lifestyles constantly on the rise, the need for top-notch fitness solutions has never been stronger. Surveys reveal that a person’s decision to stay at a hotel are often governed by the fitness facilities that the hotel provides. Precor’s diverse product portfolio and widespread recognition, makes us the preferred vendor for acclaimed international hotels across the hospitality industry. Whether the guests to your fitness facility are easy going or hard to please, with Precor, we have something for everybody.


The need for quality fitness equipment in patient rehabilitation and healthcare is growing greater by the day. To meet these growing demands, you need to be backed by a well-recognized and reliable fitness equipment manufacturer. With Precor fitness equipment you can rest assured of providing effective, safe and scientifically backed treatment techniques and methods for all your patients. Our equipment is trusted by healthcare professionals around the world.


Surveys reveal that fitness amenities are among the top facilities that potential home owners look for, while moving into new residential properties. It is important to provide the people living in your property with good fitness experiences, that leave them feeling satisfied. Precor’s diverse product portfolio and widespread recognition, makes us the preferred vendor for residential properties across the globe.


With employees being increasingly stressed and bogged down by work pressure, it is important to provide them with an outlet to release stress and rejuvenate their bodies and minds. Setting up a fitness facility in your office, can boost employee productivity and leave them feeling more satisfied. Let Precor help you set up your corporate fitness facility. We’ll also help you design your layout based on available space and make equipment recommendations.

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